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Daydreams and Skylights

They say that light levels are critical to the quality of sleep we get over the course of a night. In the race to profit from this, companies have recently been unveiling gadgets that release natural light at a specified time or directly linked to controlling window blinds that enable light to enter the room […]

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Decorating Odd Spaces

Homes can be a nightmare to decorate – you have to juggle your budget with your needs and your choice of style, colour, and theme. It can be even more of a nightmare if you have small rooms with more than the usual number of corners or walls, or if you have large open plan […]

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Redecorating Your Home

When it comes to redecorating your home, long gone are the days of the most taxing decision you would have to make being what shade of magnolia to paint it! These days, with the ethos ‘Don’t Move, Improve”, firmly being implanted into our subconscious by the powers that be, (and the spiralling markets), redecorating has […]

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The Manufacture of Good Furniture

The sale of furniture is a multi-billion industry in the United States. Everyone needs furniture in their home in order to live a comfortable life. There may be cultures that prefer to sit and eat on the floor, but in modern society it would be unthinkable to squat down on the floor while eating. There […]

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Western Red Cedar Chairs

Modern Adirondack chairs share a classic design reflecting the character of the original chair as designed by Thomas Lee in 1903 for his outdoor summer home. Adirondack chairs are traditionally made out of wood and Western Red Cedar wood is the material of choice. There is a range of chairs available based around the Adirondack […]

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